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EverCards are compatible with all modern smartphones. There are 2 primary ways you can use your EverCard to share with the people you meet:


This feature requires NFC to be enabled on the phone that is receiving the tap. Most modern smartphones come equipped with NFC functionality, so it’s highly likely that the other person will be able to read your EverCard. But if you’d like, you can check the full list of NFC-capable devices here or do a quick Google search on your phone model to see whether your device has NFC included.


If the other person’s device doesn’t come with NFC functionality, they can simply scan the QR code found on the back of your EverCard or in your EverCard app. It will open up your EverCard profile the same way that tapping your EverCard on their phone would.

Furthermore, the other person doesn’t need to install any app or have any EverCard product on them to receive your information. Your profile opens in their mobile web browser, which every smartphone has!

Yes! You can activate and attach as many EverCards as you want to a single EverCard profile. This is perfect for companies & teams that want to get an EverCard for each of their members, and bring prospects to the same profile regardless of which team member they meet.

Congratulations on being the proud owner of a brand new EverCard! You can follow the written version of the guide below.


Setting up your EverCard

When you get your EverCard, it will already come pre-activated with your EverCard profile data. You’ll therefore just need to confirm that it works as intended by:

  • Tapping it on the back of an NFC-enabled smartphone, and
  • Scanning the QR code on the back of the card

In both instances, you should ensure that you are taken to the correct EverCard profile. If you are, great! Your EverCard is ready to go.

However, in the rare event that it doesn’t take you to the correct profile, you’ll need to reactivate the card.


Setting up your EverCard profile

Click on ‘Create Account’ on the home page. Alternatively, you will be prompted to create an account while ordering your EverCard.

Enter the email address & password you’d like to use for your EverCard account. Then, choose a display picture and decide on the name that others will see when they land on your profile. It can be your real name, or even your stage name — you decide! Once that’s done, your EverCard profile is successfully set up and ready to go. You can start adding content to it, like custom links, contact details, and your social media handles.

Once you've confirmed your order and made payment, the estimated time required to produce & deliver your EverCard to you is 7 - 10 working days.

Do note that for bulk orders, it may take longer to manufacture & deliver your EverCards to you depending on the size of your order and/or the complexity of your customisations.

We currently only ship to Singapore.

If you are not residing in Singapore, keep a lookout for our upcoming expansion. Reach out to us at this page if you are interested and we might priortise your country

Yes! We offer bulk order options for companies & teams. Reach out to us at this page to enquire about our bulk ordering options.

Yes! We offer special pricing for bulk orders. Reach out to us at this page to enquire about our special bulk order pricing.

Yes! Our team can help you create customised EverCards for your company or team. Reach out to us at this page to enquire about our customisation options.

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